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July 24, 2018

WyoLotto Transfers Another Record Breaker to Wyoming

“It’s big news for us on the lottery team to break records with back to back transfer amounts” Wyoming CEO Jon Clontz said. “Our team is extremely motivated to deliver great games and products to our Wyoming players, but we are also equa...
July 20, 2018

FY 2018: Record Sales & Prizes To Players In A Well-Rounded Year For Iowa Lottery

“We have just finished an astounding year on several fronts,” Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich said Friday. “With strong sales, another clean audit, strong support for ‘play responsibly’ messages and an international award for gaming complian...
July 19, 2018

South Carolina Lottery earns $435 million for education

“We are grateful to our loyal players, hardworking retailers and dedicated staff whose contributions have created opportunities for so many deserving South Carolinians. The Lottery will keep the momentum going and continue to raise funds...

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