Published: February 23, 2022

Michigan Lottery had to cut off betting on 222, 2222 during Twosday boom

How did you celebrate Twosday?" A lot of Michiganders observed the unofficial holiday by trying their luck with a matching lottery ticket.

Although it was one of multiple palindrome dates for the week (2/21/22-2/28/22 all read the same both forward and backward), Tuesday's numerical date was uniquely notable for featuring only one number. So unique, in fact, that the Michigan Lottery says it was forced to stop betting on the numbers 222 and 2222, as they each met the maximum potential liability amount of $30 million.

"There are liability limits that are in place for our daily three and daily four games, so that when the potential liability payout reaches a certain amount, we stop accepting wagers on those numbers," says Jacob Harris, player relations manager for the Michigan Lottery.

Harris says uniform numbers like 111 and 222 are popular even on "normal" days, so he's not surprised that potential liability limits were met on a notable date like Tuesday.

"It's not unusual or uncommon for that liability to be reached. It's actually a lot more common than people realize," Harris says. "A number like 2222 is a pretty common number that a lot of folks like to play anyway. Yesterday, obviously with the date situation, more people played it."

For those who weren't able to place their Twosday bets before the cut-off, Harris says it's important to know that the caps are in place for a good reason.

"Our mission is to provide as much funding as we can to the school aid fund," he says. (If) those numbers were allowed to be played in an unlimited amount, that (could) really impact the state's contribution to the school aid funds. So that's why they're in place."

Palindrome-loving gamblers will have another opportunity to strike it rich in about 11 years, as Thursday, March 3, 2033, marks our next single-number palindrome date. Thirdsday, anyone?

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