Public Gaming International July/August 2023

27 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • JULY/AUGUST 2023 resolve the issue, on its own, without human interaction. This happens automatically in the background, letting operators focus on more time-sensitive activities. Because the system knows how to correct in these situations, the Cloud Native Solution helps improve the overall experience for players, who will not see or experience noticeable downtime when this occurs. The increase in autonomy, with minimal human intervention, is a significant Cloud Native benefit. Scaling, Simplified IGT can help grow lotteries to the rightsized system, at the right time. In the past, operators might provision hardware and infrastructure for several years into the future. In the meantime, only a minimal capability percentage would be utilized, and other capacity would be idle. It was previously necessary to predict player demand and prepare without exact knowledge of the future player population, potentially underutilizing or wasting resources. With the simplified scaling of the Cloud Native approach, the system is instructed about existing computer power; when more is needed, the systemwill grow to another level. IGT crafts the customCloud Native Solution for operators to be right-sized, right now, for the volume of players that they are currently seeing, and for the performance and experience those players demand. Thanks to the infinite scaling opportunities of the Cloud, future capability is ensured, helping lotteries optimize resource use and operational expenditures. There are multiple benefits for overall player experience, and for lotteries, which can keep selling for longer periods and not require as many planned downtimes as in the past. From the players’ perspective, it is important to access the required services on demand and on time – for example, if players are trying to check their numbers during peak jackpot periods when the traffic is quite high. When a service cannot manage that demand, that is of course frustrating for players. With IGT’s Cloud Native Solution, capacity can expand dynamically over time. From checking numbers to ticket sales, lotteries can seamlessly “scale up” to accommodate, and then scale back down when that expanded space is no longer needed. With the benefits of Scaling, Simplified, the Cloud Native Solution allows systems to adjust correctly, modify naturally, and evolve as required. Enhancements, Simplified The Cloud Native Solution enables IGT to streamline the process of making enhancements. This increases the speed at which IGT can deliver new and exciting innovations for lotteries and their players. Utilizing Cloud Native positively impacts the time and requirements needed to upgrade platforms. This allows IGT engineers to supply the necessary software through the Cloud, and let that process implement an upgrade and install the latest features, without taking the system offline for maintenance. These updates then roll out naturally, enabling the system to upgrade and install itself when the time is right. Time-consuming human intervention is reduced as a result. Once set up, there is no need for an engineer to access, deploy and/or check that a particular installation has been completed. This process is By supplying capacity on time and on demand, and with an infinite capability to grow as player need expands, IGT’s Cloud Native Solution offers lotteries Scaling, Simplified. Thanks to Enhancements, Simplified: Faster, easier, autonomous enhancement and upgrades are available on the Cloud, enabling lotteries to innovate and release new features at speed.