Public Gaming International July/August 2023

28 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • JULY/AUGUST 2023 available via the tools IGT is utilizing from the Cloud, and the services they provide, improving efficiency. The Enhancements, Simplified process is executed autonomously. Lotteries benefit from increased uptime, supporting the ability to continue supplying exciting new player experiences. This provides the opportunity for more frequent releases, including improvements to existing features and functionality. Security, Simplified IGT harnesses the proven security benefits of Cloud providers to ensure the necessary peace of mind lotteries are looking for. “Lottery is a highly regulated industry, as readers are aware,” says Saccoccio. “There are other industries that are more highly regulated — such as healthcare and banking — which also run on these Cloud services. IGT utilizes Cloud, and leverages investments in Cloud providers’ systems, specifically for the lottery business.” Cloud providers and the industries they serve require key certifications, from International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) for instance, to federal and state requirements, which help lottery security support. Operators can be secure in the knowledge that their networks – and their data at rest – are encrypted. IGT can then provide lotteries with a more secure system, while reducing time spent on security, and instead allow resources to be focused on improving the player experience. Association with Cloud providers also fosters the opportunity for forensics: If operators need to take a snapshot of the server to view what happened at a certain time, providers can supply the ability to take that snapshot. They can oversee the change of custody control and access to that information, without having to visit a data center and extract a physical server from it. The Cloud providers allow lotteries and regulators to directly access that information as quickly as possible, and then manage it for the different investigations needed for each scenario. The Cloud in Europe IGT recently integrated learning about Cloud Native benefits and deployed it to one of the fastest growing lotteries in Europe: Poland’s Totalizator Sportowy (TS), in its recent iLottery system conversion. “I am very pleased that we have been able to finalize this ambitious project of adoption of Cloud Native in Poland,” said Maciej Kasprzak, General Manager, Online Gaming Division, Totalizator Sportowy. “I’m sure that the advancement in system performance and reliability will result in the improvement of customer experience. It should also allow us to develop and integrate more tools to support advanced analytics and CRM.” The entire TS iLottery platform from IGT is a complete, digital Cloud Native Solution. As an important pillar supporting sport and culture in Poland, TS Lottery makes use of the Cloud Native benefits outlined in this article to help support its goal of transferring maximum funds to good causes. The latest iLottery Cloud Native blueprint was recently rolled out to Loterie Romande in Switzerland. “We are excited to utilize IGT’s Cloud Native Solution, based on Microsoft Azure, that meets our Federal Act on Gambling (Gambling Act) rules of having a solution hosted in Switzerland,” said Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, CEO, Loterie Romande. “The opportunity to benefit from continuous integration, delivery, and deployment of iLottery components and upgrades will help Loterie Romande enrich the experience for our players well into the future.” The Cloud Native approach to infrastructure will help strengthen Loterie Romande’s commitment to distribute 100% of its profits each year to social action, sport, and culture. Sunny Skies Ahead Poland’s Totalizator Sportowy and Switzerland’s Loterie Romande are just the beginning. The Cloud Native Solution is soon to be deployed to IGT’s U.S. customers. More news and insights about progress and evolution to the Cloud on behalf of customers is to come. As IGT invests in customer success with the Cloud, the forecast looks bright. IGT is excited and proud of its brand-new complete digital iLottery Cloud Native Solution and all the benefits it responsibly brings to lotteries and their players. n IGT’s Cloud Native Solution delivers Security, Simplified to lotteries by sourcing proven security solutions built upon meaningful Cloud provider investment.