Public Gaming International July/August 2023

26 PUBLIC GAMING INTERNATIONAL • JULY/AUGUST 2023 Why Cloud Technology Matters In recent years, there has been much discussion, on many levels, about “Cloud” – and we are not talking about the weather. Storing and managing data on the Cloud across the global network of remote Internet servers has been transformational for businesses, individuals, and governments, which have begun to use cloud technology for everything from driver’s licenses to tax refunds. As a result of IGT’s most recent Cloud deployments and solutions, we are making important investments for our customers and progress for the industry, as IGT works proactively to leverage the vast opportunities of the Cloud. Cloud Native Solution IGT partners with lottery customers to help them benefit from the advantages of the Cloud. While some technology partners have rushed to offer the first Cloud lottery solutions by “lifting and shifting” their existing systems to the Cloud, just deploying existing code to run on Cloud infrastructure is not optimizing all the benefits Cloud can offer. IGT looks to truly maximize the potential of the Cloud for its customers. To do that, IGT has built an integral Cloud Native Solution. “Cloud Native is not a ‘lift and shift,’” explains Jesse Saccoccio, Director, Global iLottery Platform Sales, IGT. “If on-premise products are ‘lifted and shifted’ to the Cloud, then lotteries cannot reap the benefits completely. Our products are developed with a Cloud Native Solution to seamlessly harness the advantages of Cloud benefits.” Delivery Pipeline “Cloud-y” skies are a positive sign — for the distribution of software, that is. IGT has advanced the delivery pipeline, with improved continuous integration, delivery and/or deployment, known as CI/CD. A Shift in the Weather “Thanks to ‘lightning speed’ technology, possibilities for the Cloud advance at a rapid pace,” notes Srini Nedunuri, Senior Vice President, iLottery, IGT. “IGT continually pushes the boundaries of Cloud capabilities forward for lotteries, tailored to client needs, from customary to revolutionary.” The latest technology built by the IGT team encompasses a complete Cloud offering for all essential iLottery components. This includes player account management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, eInstants remote game server, draw game services, and many more features, all running on public Cloud infrastructure, using public Cloud services. IGT has worked to unlock the advantages of the Cloud for the lottery industry. Below are just four of the key Cloud benefits — Healing, Scaling, Enhancement, and Security — which all reinforce how IGT and their customers can work together to reach lottery goals. Healing, Simplified Everyone benefits from the healing elements of good weather, like soaking in some vitamin D on a sunny day. The healing aspects of IGT’s Cloud Native Solution are similar. With Healing, Simplified, IGT can supply nearly uninterrupted player experiences and improve system resiliency. The system can self-correct; upon registering that it is not running as it should, it is able to try and IGT’s Cloud Native Solution provides Healing, Simplified to lotteries with self-correcting system capabilities, allowing for nearly uninterrupted player experiences. Cloud, Simplified: Why it Matters to Today’s Lotteries