Published: March 2, 2022

Sports Betting In Oklahoma

There are already more than 100 tribal casinos located around the state of Oklahoma, making it a popular destination for gamblers. Yet, legalized sports betting has never existed, either online or in casinos.

Since all gambling activity in Oklahoma has been governed by a deal between the state and tribal casinos, a change to that treaty is required to make sports betting lawful.

In 1983, horse racing was the first game of chance to be allowed, and 3 racetracks were offered to the public. These places were eventually renamed “racinos” because of the addition of slot and video gaming devices.

Tribal gambling, including blackjack and table games, was approved by the state in 2003, and casinos swiftly opened. It was not included in the state’s gaming law because of the 1993 federal prohibition on sports gambling.

Oklahoma has gaming compacts with 34 tribes, and a few of those tribes attempted to legalize internet poker and casino games in 2013. Okie Governor Mary Falline allegedly signed an agreement with the Cheyenne and Apaches tribes that resulted in the expenditure of $9.6 million to create

It was decided in 2015 that the US Department of Homeland Security will take control of the endeavor in place of the state legislature.

Even though the Judge’s Ruling to overturn PASPA is the most significant event in recent years, the ramifications on Oklahoma’s casino sector have yet to be seen.

The current state of sports betting in Oklahoma

Sports Gambling over the Internet in Oklahoma at the Present Time

Currently, all of Oklahoma’s casino gaming takes place at one of the state’s more than 100+ tribal casinos. A sports gambling clause has been requested to be included in the agreement between the government and tribal casinos.

Pool betting is the type of gambling that this new Okie sports betting law, House Bill 3375, aims to allow. As of February 2018, it has yet to be voted on.

The law seeks to redirect 88% of the $28 million in annual tax income generated by this kind of gambling to the state’s School Reform Perpetual Fund.

Even though sports betting is illegal in the state of Oklahoma, Okies still find a way to bet on their favorite sport, like the NFL or the NBA. This is made possible with the service of offshore betting companies. Overseas betting companies are based in countries where betting is considered legal. Since it’s legal in that jurisdiction, people from Oklahoma or any other state where it is illegal to bet on sports can easily bet on their favorite team. Even though this is a good alternative to betting on sports, one should still research more about offshore casinos. Sportsbooks experts recommend that newcomers check out Thesportsdaily OK sportsbooks reviews done by top experts providing all the information you need in order to get the best out of your bets in Oklahoma.

What Online Sports Betting Options Are Available in Oklahoma?

Online or in-person betting is illegal in all sports except for daily fantasy sports.

There will be a large variety of pro and amateur sports to wager on if full-scale sports gambling is permitted in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Thunder is the only professional sports team that is of interest to ordinary sports supporters in the state. The Thunder are a regular in the Nfc West Playoffs and have one of the league’s top 1-2 combinations in Russel Westbrook and Chris Paul.

Fantasy Sports Gambling

Yes. Oklahoma DFS participants have a choice of Fanduel, FanDuel, Dream Draft,  as their Daily Fantasy Sports options.

While other jurisdictions are currently working on legislation to enable daily fantasy sports (DFS) gambling, Oklahoma has already passed legislation that might help legalize sports gambling.

The Fantasy Sports Business Group and the United States Regulatory Board both keep an eye on fantasy sports. As a result, gamers in places where daily fantasy sports (DFS) are already permitted will be able to participate in the game without fear of losing their money.

What Does Oklahoma’s Future Hold for Online Sports Betting?

Even while Oklahoma isn’t precisely rushing toward regulation, several elements make it more likely than not.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the positive influence on a state’s economy that regulated sports gambling can have.

More than 4,000 jobs and an estimated $250 million in yearly gaming income would be generated in the state of Oklahoma, according to the Harvard Economics Group. As a matter of fact, most legislators will have a difficult time ignoring such large figures.

The number of states considering legalizing sports gambling (including those bordering New Mexico, Nebraska, and Missouri) has increased, although no legislation has yet been introduced.

Tax revenue considerations in Oklahoma are unique because of the large involvement of tribal gambling entities in the state.

Even though Oklahoma didn’t have legal sports gambling in 2018, a fresh bill was introduced in the state senate. With so many gambling firms hoping to make money from legal sports betting, this is a significant first step.

There is now a clear path ahead thanks to the support of tribal casinos for the addition of sports gambling provisions to existing compacts.

We expect land-based casinos to appear in Oklahoma casinos around the state once the specifics have been hammered out between the government and the tribes. Full-scale internet sports betting is only a short distance away.

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