Published: April 21, 2018

Execs Discuss What Legalized Sports Betting In U.S. May Look Like

If expanded legalized sports betting becomes legal in the U.S., American Gaming Association Senior VP/Public Affairs Sara Slane said to expect a mix of “brick-and-mortar experiences” and mobile platforms, which is a good “opening salvo.” During a discussion about sports gambling during the final session of the ’18 CAA World Congress of Sports, DraftKings VP/Business Development Jeremy Elbaum, whose company has had to go state by state to get DFS legislation passed, said of what his expectations are for sports gambling, “A federal solution is pretty far away. I think it is going to be state by state. ... It’s going to take a lot of collaboration between companies to work things out.”

DECISIONS FOR LEAGUES: MLB Senior VP/League Economics & Operations Morgan Sword noted that the league, like many others, wants to protect itself from potential issues and/or bad actors related to gambling. Sword: “We sell competition, and expanded sports betting presents some threats to that, both real and perceived. An umpire can make a call a certain way, and then the conspiracy theories will be out there. That can do damage to our brand.” But Sportradar U.S. Deputy President Laila Mintas talked about how sports gambling could help stem a league’s sagging ratings, help with fan engagement and open up sponsorship opportunities.

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