Published: June 13, 2024

Safeguarding integrity: ULIS to provide monitoring support for UEFA EURO 2024

The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament will be held in Germany, with the opening match taking place in Munich on Friday, 14 June. The tournament will be played in 10 different stadiums across 10 cities and will culminate with the final match being held in Berlin on Sunday, 14 July.

To ensure the highest standard of integrity for the competition, ULIS will be one of the betting integrity organizations working closely with UEFA to monitor all the matches and detect any irregular betting activities through its advanced monitoring platform and extensive network of lottery members. The ULIS Monitoring and Intelligence Group (UMIG) will be activated to exchange betting information and intelligence from the lotteries.

ULIS and the lotteries have already provided monitoring support to past UEFA editions of European football tournaments. Recently, both entities have taken their commitment a step further by formalizing a cooperation agreement to strengthen their collaboration and joint efforts to combat match-fixing. The agreement sets out a structured framework for their partnership, outlining specific roles, procedures, and commitments that align with their shared goal of preserving the integrity of football.

More about the ULIS Monitoring and Intelligence Group (UMIG):

When monitoring a tournament, UMIG meets regularly (before, during and after the event) to exchange information on risks and analysis of their respective markets, and any other relevant integrity issues. For certain tournaments, ULIS is also part of the international sport organization’s integrity task force, or has an operational agreement in place with the sport organization in question. This is the case for the International Olympic Committee, UEFA and FIFA competitions. For these competitions, ULIS Headquarters coordinates all the UMIG operations. It shares information received from the sports body’s integrity task force, or integrity department, in a way that makes the cooperation more effective in identifying any potentially suspicious or potential cases of competition manipulation. At the end of the tournament, an integrity report is produced by the ULIS Operations Team and is shared with UMIG and the sports organization concerned.

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