Published: October 6, 2023

College athletics using technology to help prevent illegal sports betting activity

In a normal month, U.S. Integrity sends about 15-18 alerts to sportsbooks nationally for potentially suspicious betting activity.

Alerts don’t indicate a game is fixed, but it means the Las Vegas-based gambling corruption monitoring company can’t identify why a market is moving a certain way.

“Of those 15 to 18 alerts a month, about half of them end up resulting in suspensions, bans and arrests from nefarious sports betting activity,” said Collin Pratt, a senior associate at U.S. Integrity.

Pratt and U.S. Integrity use a new world of technology to prevent illegal sports gambling. With the proliferation of legalized gambling in college sports, the technology U.S. Integrity and sportsbooks use is rapidly evolving to protect athletes from scandal.

“Any time there's one of these sports betting scandals, nobody feels good about it,” Pratt said. “But the one positive thing it means is that the system is working, that the regulated sports betting landscape is working.”

U.S. Integrity introduced a tool, ProhiBet, provided to partner schools to prevent student-athletes from placing wagers, through alerts.


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