Published: June 18, 2021

GLMS Members elect new Executive Committee for 2021-2023 during General Assembly

GLMS - Global Lottery Monitoring System -  A global lottery alliance against sport competition manipulation -Embracing a culture of integrity

Ludovico Calvi (Lottomatica) re-appointed President during online GLMS General Assembly on 17 June 2021

During GLMS’ regular General Assembly Meeting of its membership, this year exceptionnally held online due to the ongoing pandemic, the Executive Committee of GLMS for the period 2021-2023 was elected. 

Executive Committee 2021-2023
According to GLMS Statutes, the Executive Committee forms one of the four governing bodies of GLMS, together with the General Secretariat, headquartered in Lausanne, the General Meeting (membership) and the Auditors. The Executive Committee is made up of 8 members, including a Chair, acting as President, and a Vice Chair. Committee Members have to each represent a different country lottery.

Ludovico Calvi (Board member, Lottomatica – Italy) has been re-appointed President of the Association for his 3rd mandate. Gilles Maillet, (Sport Integrity Director, La Française des Jeux- France) has been appointed as Vice-Chair for his 1st mandate, replacing Rupert Bolingbroke (Hong Kong Jockey Club), who did not stand for election this time. 

While 4 members are elected directly by the GLMS Membership, 4 are nominated by GLMS’ collective co-founding members, World Lottery Association and European Lotteries, each of whom present 2 nominees for validation by the Membership base. 

The elected members of the Executive Committee of The Global Lottery Monitoring System – GLMS for the term 2021-2023 are (in alphabetical order)
·        Mr. Ludovico Calvi , Lottomatica, Italy (Chair/President)
·         Mr. Lat Diop, LONASE, Senegal
·         Mr. Younès EL Mechrafi , MDJS, Morocco
·        Ms. Lori Sullivan , OLG, Canada

The nominees of WLA and EL were also validated:
·        Mr. Michael Fitzsimons , HKJC, Hong Kong – WLA nominee
·         Mr. Fàbian Garcia – Saetonne ,La Banca de Quinelas, Uruguay – WLA nominee
·         Mr. Gilles Maillet, FDJ, France – EL nominee (Vice-Chair)
·        Mr. Jens Nielsen, Danske Spil, Denmark – EL nominee

Ludovico Calvi takes on the reigns for a third mandate in an exciting period for GLMS in full growth and shared, ”’I am delighted and privileged to have been appointed President of GLMS for a 3rd consecutive term. I would like to thank all members of GLMS for the renewed trust. 

During the last 2 terms, as President of the Executive Committee, we have been able to:

•    Review GLMS organization effectively 
•    Invest in competent human and technical resources 
•    Draw new, transparent and more effective processes and governance 
•    Implement new and more efficient Statutes, which will allow GLMS to grow a diversified membership base  involving new strategic Sport Integrity Stakeholders 
•    Strengthen Relations with key public and private stakeholders worldwide 
•    Define and implement new communication strategy 
•    Engage and increase membership base effectively 

We have set very solid foundations to drive the success of our Association in the titanic fight against Match Fixing and to protect Sports Integrity worldwide. 

I am honored to have been re-elected since this would allow me to carry on the mission of growing GLMS network worldwide and disseminating its core values while guaranteeing continuity and strengthening the association.  

I am fully convinced that GLMS represents a tremendous vehicle not only for our Association and its members but also for all other key interested stakeholders, our communities, and our society as a whole”.

GLMS thanks warmly the outgoing Executive Committee 2019-2021 for its commitment. 

General Meeting
GLMS is a non-profit member association,  made up of its members. The General Assembly Meeting membership, made up of 33 lotteries offering sports betting, 1 regulating lottery, 4 gaming supplier members, 1 sport associate member and one gaming operator fully owned by lotteries offering sports betting, also addressed and voted on various other topics related to budgeting, validation of new members and discharge of the Executive Committee and General Secretary for the period 2019-2021. 

To read more on the Executive Committee powers and method of functioning of GLMS, please click here.

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