Published: July 1, 2018

Public Gaming Interviews Ludovico Calvi President, Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS)


GLMS initiates an era of positive change and sustainable growth for the benefit of its members

PGRI Introduction: The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) is the state lotteries’ mutualized monitoring system on sports betting. Its purpose is to detect and analyse suspicious betting activities that could threaten the integrity of a sport competition. Established in 2009 of ELMS with European Lotteries, GLMS clarified its mission, built its infrastructure, and went global in January 2015, extending its network to other continents. GLMS now facilitates the sharing of sports betting information as part of the collective efforts of its members in ensuring sports integrity globally. It is dedicated to effective cooperation with all key stakeholders, namely regulators, law enforcement authorities and sports organizations.

Paul Jason: Ludovico, you are about to complete your first year as the GLMS President. What are the most significant achievements that you can look back on?

Ludovico Calvi: Indeed, at the GLMS General Meeting I was re-elected as GLMS ExCo Member and was nominated President of the association. This nomination came with the honour and the responsibility to move the association forward from GLMS to GLMS 2.0, to make our association a credible, transparent and authentic organisation. Having completed one year as President, I can certainly look back to a very eventful year. We reviewed the organisation and its structure with the acquisition of resources with qualified skills and professional competencies, launched the new monitoring system, which is powered by TXODDS, which enables real time odds movement detection and a unique messaging platform. We organised a training session in Paris last December with the objective of introducing all GLMS Members to the new monitoring platform. The participation in this workshop exceeded all expectations. At the same time, as promised to our Executive Committee when elected, we executed on our globalisation strategy and I am proud to declare that we fully accomplished our goal of launching a new Operational hub in Hong Kong on January 1.

This new hub makes GLMS a real “glocal” organisation, combining local presence and knowledge with a global reach. Another key strategic action was the consolidation of our internal governance, assigning each ExCo Member a specific task and role based on individual competencies, and introducing administrative policies aimed at ensuring effective financial and human resource management.

We concluded agreements with key stakeholders, including FIFA and the IOC (for the monitoring of the 2018 Winter Olympics). At the same time, we are a key partner of the Council of Europe in terms of the implementation of the KCOOS+ project (Keep Crime out of Sport), while more partnerships are now being negotiated and will be announced soon. Moreover, we have started executing on our communication strategy. Our website is regularly updated, and we are being particularly active on social media (Twitter and Linkedin).

The recruitment of the Lausanne-based resources was another key stepping-stone for our association: a General Secretary, Mr. Giancarlo Sergi, with a long practice in the world of sport, including professional experience with UEFA and the IOC, joined our team. With the strategic support of the Deputy General Secretary, Vagelis Alexandrakis, Giancarlo will be running the association and ensuring the implementation of our mission and vision and execution of GLMS strategic priorities. I am now looking forward to seeing more accomplishments for the association, including the acquisition of new Members, which is one of our strategic priorities, as well as the enhancement of the GLMS’ services to its Members. 


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