Published: January 21, 2018

Dr. Arjan van’t Veer, Secretary General of the European Lotteries and Philip Springuel, Executive Director, World Lottery Association on camera with members of GLMS (Global Lottery Monitoring System)


GLMS (Global Lottery Monitoring System) is a lotteries’ association, created jointly by the World Lottery Association and the European Lotteries Association in 2015. State lotteries have a long standing commitment to the development of sport and its benefit for society, and GLMS aims at reflecting this commitment in the field of sport integrity by fighting sports betting corruption and associated match fixing threats. GLMS brings together 29 lotteries from 27 countries

Dr. Arjan van’t Veer on camera describing the initiatives of GLMS 

Philip Springuel, Executive Director, World Lottery Association on supporting the GLMS on video below


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