Published: December 6, 2023

FREE ONLINE EVENT Join the WLA and The European Lotteries Security and Operational Risks Webinar

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Join the WLA/EL Security and Operational Risks Webinar Week from 5 December to 7 December 2023 and get inspired to improve the state of security and risk management in your lottery!

Experts from lotteries worldwide, as well as those outside the lottery sector will discuss the latest trends, technological developments, insights, and best practices. Focus will be on cybersecurity and possible Artificial Intelligence (mis)applications.

The two Associations will highlight their own efforts and actions undertaken to support the global lottery sector on security and risk management issues.

The webinar will be held in English. Simultaneous translation into Spanish and Portuguese will be available.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!
The EL/WLA team

During today's WLA and The European Lotteries Security and Operational Risks Webinar week, we delved into artificial intelligence hashtag#AI for hashtag#cybersecurity.

☝ AI tech can both help protect online operations from attacks, and assist hackers in successfully breaching cybersecurity systems.

Keynote speaker Dina Kamal from Deloitte, Canada, noted uses of hashtag#genAI to:

- Improve productivity, by complementing the human workforce and leaving them the higher value tasks, while alleviating administrative burdens.
- Support security investigations – genAI can analyse the output of a log file and tell you what you are looking at, ie a cyber breach.
- Create new policies, incorporating existing industry standards and best practices, for a rapid first draft.

???? Important tips

???? Learn to ask the right questions and break topics down. GenAI digests shorter questions faster and reduces latency and response time.

???? Focus on the problem that needs to be solved: ie., the use case and what data is needed. Start small for a quick, smart win.

???? How you tell the story to management and the board is key - you need the right cyber risk dashboard

⭐ Remember hackers usually have more resources, they are more coordinated and more motivated. Think like a hacker and how your AI can fight the hacker. (There might be something less important that the hacker uses to access a critical asset)

Experiences from the lotteries
Thibault BULABOIS,  Head of Group Risk Management & Internal Control at FDJ highlighted a hashtag#bigdata for detecting exceptions solution to maintain gaming integrity and responsible gaming which resulted in an increased detection of 25% of new money laundering cases at FDJ - La Française des Jeux.
By tracking where tickets or bet slips are scanned, if a single bet slip is first scanned in Paris at noon and 5 minutes later in Marseille (800 km away), there could be fraud.

Leoš Klofáč, Security Manager, SAZKA a.s., Czech Republic underscored how AI-driven penetration testing overcomes traditional challenges by enabling flexible, continuous testing without time constraints. Automatically finding and confirming weaknesses removes human error, and enhances result reliability for robust and current protection against cyber threats.
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