Published: October 28, 2020

STRATACACHE Launches Full Line of LINQ Intelligent Tablets Designed and Built by Consumer Engagement Experts

STRATACACHE Launches Full Line of LINQ Intelligent Tablets Designed and Built by Consumer Engagement Experts

 27 October 2020


STRATACACHE, the parent company of Carmanah Signs, has announced the launch of commercial grade LINQ all-in-one intelligent tablets, designed and built by STRATACACHE’s customer engagement engineers.


LINQ tablets are integrated across all digital signage, interactive experience, and mobile commerce/mobile shopping platforms in the STRATACACHE family. They range in size from 11” to 55”, combining powerful performance with a slim form factor to deliver powerful interactive digital experiences.


Designed to withstand continuous commercial use in any high-volume retail environment, LINQ tablets are optimized for applications such as touch interactive Digital PlayStations, Lottery Digital Menu Boards, in-lane digital signage, and point-of-sale upselling solutions (such as the LIFT upsell platform), making the tablets ideal for Carmanah’s global lottery customers.


LINQ tablets are equipped with a front-facing camera and also support the latest generation of artificial intelligence and guided selling/suggestive engine technology by STRATACACHE.


“STRATACACHE designs and manufactures LINQ tablets to provide the complete solution at a highly competitive price. Carmanah can offer our lottery customers flexibility in choosing the ideal hardware for each of their digital signage projects,” said Cameron Waldie, President of Carmanah Signs.


STRATACACHE engineered LINQ tablets for reliability and scale, featuring a purpose-built design tailored for digital engagement applications. For sizes 18.5” or smaller, Power-Over-Ethernet cabling is standard, eliminating the need for commercial AC power, providing cost savings and flexibility for installation.


LINQ tablets feature:

  • Wide viewing angle
  • Enhanced brightness and color contrast
  • Enterprise security and hardening
  • Proven, scalable CMS platform for content distribution and device management
  • Optional accessories such as payment processing, barcode scanning, and NFC
  • Choice of Linux, Android, and Windows Operating Systems
  • Choice of ARM or X86 based hardware platforms


“Evolving our product line to include intelligent tablets is key to addressing our clients’ needs to personalize and automate digital solutions such as pickup automation, next gen point of sale, product discovery, wayfinding, and assisted selling tools, so they can truly tailor digital engagement with consumers and employees,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of STRATACACHE.


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About STRATACACHE & Carmanah Signs


STRATACACHE delivers in-store retail experience transformation and exceptional customer journeys through a wide array of marketing technology. STRATACACHE powers the largest digital networks for the world’s most recognizable brands, with solutions that enable retailers to learn deeply about their customers' shopping preferences and behaviors, delivering targeted messaging to any digital display.


Carmanah Signs, STRATACACHE’s global Lottery & Gaming Division, develops and delivers in-store marketing technologies including digital sign networks, interactive experiences, retail sensors, and innovative jackpot signs. Carmanah’s retail marketing technologies and data insights help lotteries and casinos transform the player journey, deepen player insights, boost brand equity, and increase sales.


Together, STRATACACHE and Carmanah Signs have over 3.3 million digital media devices and 175,000 Wireless Jackpot Signs at retailers around the world, serving 55+ lottery jurisdictions and 700+ casinos on four continents. As an associate member of five global lottery associations, and an ongoing sponsor and content contributor to numerous lottery industry events, Carmanah Signs is the only digital signage provider committed to the lottery industry at this level.


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