Published: February 22, 2020

Oklahoma City 7-Eleven stores to start offering state lottery products

Oklahoma City (KOKH) Oklahoma 7-Eleven stores will soon begin offering you a chance to become the next millionaire.

The convenience store chain says that beginning Monday, February 24th they will offer a full complement of products including Scratchers and draw games including Powerball and Mega Millions.

The chain, with 108 locations in central Oklahoma, along with the state lottery says it will be adding a little twist to how you get your lottery tickets.

Now, they will all be done at self-serve kiosks. The self-service machines will offer every product the lottery offers and provide the ability to cash all tickets up to $600 while also accepting debit cards.

You will remember that just after the first of the year the once independently owned 7-Eleven chain in central Oklahoma was bought by the national chain out of Irving, Texas and this is likely as a direct result of that sale.

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