Published: June 17, 2021

Veikkaus starting in July, all slot machines will require mandatory identification

All of Veikkaus' vending machines are subject to mandatory identification - some of the vending machines will be temporarily closed in Pelaamo and Feel Vegas

From the beginning of July, all open slot machines will require mandatory authentication. This makes it easier for customers to control their gaming, prevent potential risks of problem gambling in advance and, if they wish, prevent automatic gaming altogether.

- Vending machines in shops, kiosks, restaurants and transport stations have been subject to mandatory identification since January. At the beginning of July, the identification obligation will also be extended to the open machines in our own gaming halls, Feel Vegas and Pelaamo, says channel and sales director Jari Heino .

Responsibility and customer experience above

From the beginning of July, only vending machines developed by Veikkaus and manufactured in Finland will be available. The so-called ticket vending machines operating on tickets will be temporarily closed in Feel Vegas and Pelaamo on July 1, 2021. At Casino Helsinki, they are open, but to play, you must register with a casino card.

- The import vending machines of Feel Vegas and Pelamamo will be reopened for our customers to play during the early autumn, when the technical features related to mandatory identification have been added to them, Heino says.

The schedule will be specified during the summer.

- We want to ensure a responsible and natural customer experience. It still requires a lot of testing and major technical reforms, Heino says.

- During the summer, we will also be piloting the identification of imported vending machines and table games. They are scheduled to be covered during the fall.

The combined loss limit for fast-paced games is delayed

Veikkaus sent a message at the beginning of the year that extending and combining the loss limit of the Internet's fast rhythm games with physical slot machines and table games would also have taken effect in the summer. Unfortunately, challenges have emerged on schedule and this part of the reform will be implemented during the autumn.

- We invest heavily in implementing Veikkaus' responsibility measures as quickly as possible, while ensuring their high-quality implementation, underlines Heino.!/article/tiedotteet/yritys/2021/06_kesakuu/15_tunnistautuminen_muutos

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