Published: January 10, 2021

UKGC Seeks ‘Research Methodology’ Advice On Gambling Behaviour

UKGC Seeks ‘Research Methodology’ Advice

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is seeking input and advice on changing the ‘research methodology’ used to gather data on gambling involvement and prevalence rates for problem gambling.

Feedback consultation

The Commission has launched a feedback consultation on its proposed strategy, which seeks to create a new ‘standard on research into gambling behaviours’.

The UKGC is charged with providing the government with the most reliable data and observations on gambling participation as part of its regulatory role and further factors affecting problem gambling.

To date, by conducting surveys of UK adults, the UKGC has collected its data, with research generated in compliance with the standards set out in the ‘Code of Practice for Statistics’ by the Government Statistical Service.


In a statement the UKGC detailed: “The Commission is ambitious about improving the quality, robustness and timeliness of our statistics. We therefore set out a commitment in our 2020/21 Business Plan to ‘review our approach to measuring participation and prevalence and publish conclusions.”

The House of Lords Select Committee, headed by Lord Grade of Yarmouth, conducted its review of the ‘social and economic harms’ of the gambling industry, citing that problem gambling had been compromised by the lack of ‘reliable facts’ on the issue.

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