Published: November 26, 2020

Illinois agency launches study of gambling addiction

CHICAGO (AP) — A state agency has launched a one-year roughly $500,000 study on gambling addiction in Illinois.

Results will be used by the Illinois Department of Human Services to help determine future efforts to prevent problem gambling and increase access to treatment and services.

Among other things, researchers will study populations that are vulnerable or marginalized because of race, culture, economic or social disparity. They'll also look at risk factors leading to a gambling problem.

“This gambling prevalence study is unprecedented in Illinois and will give us a clearer understanding of the prevalence of gambling disorder in the state. Understanding the pervasiveness of gambling disorder will allow us to target communities that may be disproportionality impacted by the expansion of gambling in the state,” IDHS Secretary Grace Hou said in a statement. “The study will also help us to understand where we can make further investments in Illinois communities to support treatment and recovery as well as education for responsible gambling."

Money for the study comes from revenue from Illinois’ gambling tax and money set aside from the 2021 fiscal year budget.

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