Published: November 28, 2023

Prime-time gambling ads would be banned in Victoria under proposal by Labor-led inquiry

The Victorian Labor government is being urged to ban gambling advertising in public places and during television prime time by some of its own MPs, in an effort to reduce the "increasingly pervasive” nature of sports betting ads.

The Labor-chaired public accounts and estimates committee on Tuesday tabled a Report Into Gaming And Liquor Regulation, which also recommended the government "urge” its federal counterpart to implement a national advertising ban.

The report said sports betting was the "fastest growing form of gambling in Victoria and the fastest growing form of online gambling in Australia”, with losses exceeding more than $1.2bn annually.

At the same time, the inquiry said gambling advertising was "becoming increasingly pervasive”.

It cited a Study Commissioned By The Australian Communications And Media Authority, which found an average of 948 gambling ads were broadcast daily on free-to-air TV in Victoria, including 148 between 6pm and 8.30pm every weeknight.

The inquiry recommended the Victorian government consider banning gambling advertising in areas that come under state jurisdiction, including in public places, as well as a "stricter rules on primetime gambling advertising” similar to those introduced in South Australia.

"More appropriate regulations and safeguards are needed to protect Victorians, especially our children and young people,” the committee chair, Sarah Connolly, said.

Since 2013, South Australia has Prohibited Gambling Advertising On Television Between 4pm And 7.30pm From Monday To Friday, including The Display Of Betting Odds During Live Sporting Broadcasts.

The committee’s recommendations come five months after a federal parliamentary inquiry also called for a Ban On Online Gambling Ads, to be phased in over three years.


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