Published: February 26, 2023

WLA publishes guide for responsible horse betting marketing

Today, everything we do is carried out between the physical, real world and the digital online world, and we travel between these all the time. We may have a virtual consultation or speak to someone in person, buy a train ticket in advance, on our smartphones, or get it at a machine before hopping onboard.

We might play games or place bets online or buy that paper scratch card at the last minute at the supermarket checkout. We can bet online, or experience the excitement of the races and make our play at the track.

Navigating omnichannel

Operators of horse race betting must navigate these different channels and provide enjoyable, safe betting experiences for their customers, wherever and however they bet. Added to this, they must promote their products and services across all channels (physical and digital) in a responsible manner.

Responsible gaming is at the heart of WLA values and part of the operations of our members. The WLA Betting Integrity on Sports and Horse Racing Committee (BISHRC) has published a brochure called the Horse Betting Marketing Guidelines: Achieving responsible and competitive offers, to assist members with their marketing activities.

The guide considers different types of offerings (competitive and responsible) and games (pool based and fixed odds) and examines a model for assessing risk levels of addiction for these.

It also describes suitable distribution channels (retail and racetrack, as well as digital) and how to plan, execute and manage responsible promotions in different social media platforms, and suggests topics that are appropriate for promotional content for different audiences.


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