Published: July 27, 2022

MACAU: Public Tender Gaming Commission Created

The Chief Executive (CE) Ho Iat Seng formally created yesterday the commission that is to be in charge of the public tender for the attribution of the new gaming licenses.

The creation of the commission was published in the government’s official gazette yesterday under executive order No. 135/2022.

The commission will be in charge of carrying out work on the public tender for the attribution of new concessions for the exploitation of games in casinos, which will be attributed this year.

This commission will analyze and decide on all matters relating to the public tender until the concession contracts are awarded, except for the acts of provisional or definitive awarding and other acts done under the terms of the law to other entities.

According to the order, in its first meeting, the tender committee will elect the chairperson and a secretary. All the administrative, financial, technical, and logistical support for the operation of this commission will be done by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ).

Commission members include the Secretaries for Administration and Justice, Economy and Finance, and Social Affairs and Culture, as well as the Secretary General of the Executive Council Secretariat, Hoi Lai Fong, the Directors of the Economic and Technological Development Bureau, Macau Government Tourism Office, DICJ, Judiciary Police, and Land and Urban Construction Bureau.


On the same day, the Executive Council (ExCo) finalized the analysis of the Administrative Regulation that proposes to create a specialized commission to address matters related to the gaming sector.

This commission’s duties include studying the development of the gaming sector and providing support in the definition of policies for the sector, as well as providing support in the creation of norms and regulating guidelines. Among other competencies is also proposing measures for the supervision of the development and operations of the gaming sector.

This commission will be chaired by the Secretary for the Economy and Finance, Lei Wai Nong, and will have as members, representatives from the offices of the Chief Executive, Secretary for Administration and Justice, Secretary for the Economy and Finance, Secretary for Security, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture and Secretary for Transport and Public Works. The director of the DICJ, Adriano Ho, is also a member.

This commission will gather in plenary meetings, with ordinary sessions held at least every semester.

All the administrative, financial, and technical support for the operation of this commission will also be the responsibility of the DICJ.

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