Published: February 1, 2022

Dutch KSA issues warning over gambling on unlicensed sites

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has cautioned customers against gambling with unlicensed operators.

In a statement, the Netherlands’ regulator recommended players remove any funds from “illegal providers” as they may soon become inaccessible.

When confronted with enforcement action, the KSA said unlicensed providers “black out” their sites, making it impossible for customers with a Dutch IP address to enter.

While it “applauded” this, the KSA remarked that players can no longer access their funds and thus stand to lose money.

The Netherlands’ regulated iGaming market went live on 1 October 2021, giving Dutch players the ability to participate in licensed online gambling activity for the first time.

The KSA sought to remind people of this, saying: “There has been a legal online offering since 1 October 2021.

“Consumers can therefore turn to reliable providers who offer a fair game and pay attention to addiction prevention.

“The KSA oversees this. This also includes strict action against illegal providers; after all, it must pay to have a licence.”

Whether its warning will prove effective or not is up for debate. Bettors will likely take their custom to whichever operator has the best odds, and in this case, that may mean unlicensed sites.

Nevertheless, the KSA has attempted to crackdown on illegal platforms. In November, the regulator announced that 25 websites had been selected for “further investigation”, and now said this number has increased.

“The number of websites under further investigation has since been expanded. The companies in question will soon hear that they are under investigation and enforcement action will be taken,” stated the KSA.

It added: “Therefore, consumers had better get their player credits back. There are no guarantees that illegal providers will refund money if they can no longer be reached from the Netherlands.””

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