Published: October 15, 2021

The SCJ changes the venue for the bidding hearing to be held on October 18

The Superintendency of Gaming Casinos reported that the audience for the presentation of Technical Offers of the Gambling Casinos Operation Permits Granting Process next Monday will be at the San Jorge Stadium of Banco Estado.

Chile.- There are only three days left for casino operators to submit offers for twelve casino seats, tenders to be awarded by the Superintendency of Gaming Casinos . This Friday, the entity reported that the hearing that was going to be held at the Hotel Gran Palace in Santiago, changed its venue and will be at the San Jorge Stadium of Banco Estado .

The request for postponement of the date made by some of the operators interested in the squares was unsuccessful and the hearing for the presentation of Technical Offers of the Gambling Casinos Operation Permits Process will be held on Monday, October 18 at 10 a.m. (local time Chile). 

The body issued Circular Letter No. 20 that communicates aspects for the correct development of the aforementioned hearing, which among other aspects indicates that it can be held from 09.30 am, starting the ceremony at 10. Access to the room to present the offers will be until 10.30 am, then the doors will be closed.

Due to provisions of the health authority for holding public events in closed spaces, and prior to entering the venue of the audience, the attendees will be temperature controlled. The Mobility Pass issued by the national health authority will also be requested.

Face-to-face access to the audience will be allowed only to applicants who present their offers, the press and officials of this Superintendency. The nature of a public hearing will be preserved through its transmission in real time through the official YouTube channel of this Superintendency.

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