Published: August 1, 2021

Germany Saxony-Anhalt Anne Poggemann becomes Chair of the Gambling Oversight - takes over the leading role in the gambling supervision of the federal states

Now it is official, Anne Poggemann takes over the leading role in the gambling supervision of the federal states. The law graduate and CDU member will take over control of the Halle gaming authority. Without exception, the German gaming supervisory authority will be involved in regulation, monitoring and research in the areas of combating gambling addiction and blocking illegal providers. For this purpose, a team of over 100 employees is being set up in Halle, which is to monitor the market seamlessly, from IP blocking to the control of cross-casino registrations. The aim is to provide improved protection for the interactive entertainment audience in Germany over the long term and to channel it in order to displace the black market in the long term.

Pioneering work for State Secretary Anne Poggemann

The newly regulated gaming market in Germany became official on July 1st, with all 16 federal states opting to comply with the laws of the State Treaty on Gambling New Regulation (GlüNeuRStv). This put an end to the almost endless debate of more than 12 years in which German games in EU-licensed online casinos with permits from Malta, Gibraltar and other authorities operated in the gray area. Only customers with an official place of residence in Schleswig-Holstein were allowed to play online in the casino under an SH license , provided that the casino had the appropriate license. The confusion in gaming legislation has now officially come to an end, although the control mechanisms have yet to take effect.

Anne Poggemann has now got the hat on for the gambling supervision. The fully qualified lawyer takes on a role that will often affect explosive topics in the coming years. As soon as the first high fines due to licensing violations are made to gambling operators and network blocks are making the rounds, State Secretary Anne Poggemann will have to communicate this publicly. In any case, the political officer has experience from many areas and, last but not least, she was involved in the drafting of gambling regulation for Germany.

The administrative lawyer Anne Poggemann has the responsible task of installing a completely new supervision with staff, which has little or no experience in gambling regulation. In contrast, there are some large corporations that generate billions in sales and have been offering games of chance online and offline for decades.

Gambling supervisory authority located in an up-and-coming metropolitan region

The state of Saxony-Anhalt has the appointment of Anne Poggemannconfirmed as chairman of the new gaming authority in Germany. Previously, the state was awarded the contract for the first nationwide gaming supervisory authority last year and put candidates such as Schleswig-Holstein, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia in their place. A conscious decision was made in favor of the country of the early risers, because maintenance costs are also an important point, as is the catchment area of ​​the authority for IT specialists. Here, the Halle site in Saxony-Anhalt scores with its own university and the close proximity to the Leipzig region with various universities. The new head of the German gaming supervisory authority, Anne Poggemann, is now tasked with creating structures for the licensing procedure for online casinosto initiate promptly. It is of course essential to monitor compliance with the guidelines for the market and to properly implement the associated compliance obligations of what is now the fourth State Treaty on Gaming (GlüNeuRStv).

As a CDU politician, Anne Poggemann will be in charge of the gaming supervisory authority in her role as Minister of the Interior and Sport for the State of Saxony-Anhalt. The newly appointed German head of gaming has further experience at the federal level, as she was already head of the German financial supervisory authority. This means that special attention will also be paid to taxation in connection with the gaming machine tax. Saxony-Anhalt explained to Poggemann's appointment that a leading legal expert was appointed as chairwoman of the board of directors with a focus on gaming supervision - in recognition of the high demands that the interpretation and application of the new gaming laws entail in all federal states.

Saxony-Anhalt was given a year of time within the framework of nationwide supervision to establish the gaming supervisory authority on a sustainable basis, which is to take over full supervision of the gaming market by July 2022, in compliance with the laws enshrined in the State Treaty. 100 percent readiness is planned from 2023 onwards, but from summer 2022 onwards, in accordance with the procedure of the Swiss casino supervisory authority, network blocks are to be started in order to exclude providers without a license from the German market. Subsequently, a control of the imposed industry standards, player protection and the behavior of the operators should be monitored.

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