Published: January 20, 2019

Greece: The Hellenic Gaming Commission (EEEP) has publishing an updated list of rules on online gambling regulations

The Hellenic Gaming Commission (EEEP) has publishing an updated list of rules on online gambling regulations. The new rule has amendments to the earlier set of regulations. In the new list of rules, EEEP proposes a range of player protection measures. The regulator is now inviting comments from the gaming industry and other interested parties regarding the new rules.

The regulations cover sports betting and table games, with random number generated casino games still controversially omitted. Licensees have to add responsible gambling information on all pages of their website, and offer the players the ability to set wagering limits. Operators will also be required to intervene by restricting players’ accounts, if displays the signs of problem gambling.

Players will also have the option to self-exclude online gambling either temporarily or permanently, with licensed operators required to check whether any new customers are listed on a national self-exclusion database before allowing them to gamble.

If the licensees have a valid reason, they can also exclude players from gambling, following the guidelines set by the EEEP. The EEEP has also set a number of rules related to advertising and online gambling. According to this, the licensees must avoid any malicious or offensive graphics and sounds in ads on their websites, while adverts should not block or overshadow the gaming area.

All adverts must be consistent with the terms and conditions of the game, and should not target players who have been excluded from gambling.

All licensees must seek permission to use the images of any sports players in their adverts.

Regarding the bonus features in games, the EEEP said that unless advertised differently, bonus games should subject to the same theoretical payable as all other games. Operators will also be required to clearly set out the rules of bonus games to players, displaying how much a player can win and the range of features that are included in the game.

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