Published: March 3, 2024

Dutch gambling authority issues its biggest ever fine

The Dutch gaming authority has fined Malta-based gambling firm Gammix almost €20 million for offering services in the Netherlands without a licence.

The fine is the highest ever handed down by the KSA. In particular, the company did not have any checks on the age of people using its services. “That is enormously damaging,” KSA chairman René Jansen said.

The fine is based on an estimate of the company’s earnings in the Netherlands.

Last March the authority fined five gambling firms a total of €26 million for operating illegally in the Netherlands. Those fines ranged from €900,000 to €12 million and all five companies were based on Malta.

Online gambling was legalised in the Netherlands in October 2021 and to date 27 companies have been given licences to operate.

However, the Dutch national watchdog on addiction warned in January that tens of thousands of people have been hit by financial problems as a result of the way online gambling was legalised three years ago.



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