Published: August 30, 2023

For Bacelar, the lack of regulation of sports betting in Brazil ‘borders on the absurd’

The Federal Deputy of the Green Party (PV), Bacelar, is a declared enthusiast of the gambling sector. In an interview with Projeto Prisma, this Monday, the 28th, the parliamentarian criticized the lack of sports betting regulation.

According to Bacelar, this is a question that ‘borders on the absurd’.

He highlighted that sports betting was released in the national territory in December 2018. However, the practice is still not properly regulated and this generates the loss of billions of reais for the public coffers.

For the deputy, this “money could be used in health, education, security and tourism and we do not collect anything”.

In addition, the politician highlighted that it is practically impossible to prevent betting games from being carried out in Brazil today.

“We need to face this hypocrisy. With cell phones, anyone can now play anywhere in the world and without protection, which is worse. When you legalize the game, you protect it, so I defend that we regularly do it right away”, he said.

Despite supporting a form of regulation, the deputy said that the project forwarded by the Federal Government, with taxation around 35%, makes the legal market unfeasible.

“And, if that happens, we will have legalized foreign Bets and a national parallel market”, he stressed.

“So we need to find a taxation that is compatible with the global one, but that does not make the business unfeasible”, concluded Bacelar.

Bacelar proposes a text that regulates the activity of betting advisers in lotteries

Last month, the deputy presented Bill 1796/23 regulating the role of lottery betting advisors in the country.

According to the text, the betting advisor may offer consultancy, planning, intermediation and betting services in lotteries, by physical or electronic means, on behalf of the players.

The text is pending in the Chamber of Deputies. The proposal will be conclusively analyzed by the Finance and Taxation committees; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship.

The project makes it clear that, in all cases, the betting advisor acts on behalf of the player and does not replace the legally authorized lottery sales channels.

In practice, the role of the betting advisor or courier is exclusively through consulting, planning and placing or registering the bet, as defined by the player, with lottery permit holders or lottery operating agents.

Author of the proposal, deputy Bacelar argued that the objective is to regulate the activity of betting operators and avoid lawsuits.

“This argument is unfounded. In fact, the courier does not sell any lottery bet – which, due to legal imperative, is always made directly at Caixa, through its website, or before a lottery permit holder”, explained the author.

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