Published: May 8, 2023

Colombia: Roger Carrillo resigned as the director of Coljuegos

(Bogotá).- Roger Carrillo resigned as the director of Coljuegos, the gambling authority of Colombia, and Sammy Libos Zúñiga was appointed as head in charge of Coljuegos on a temporary basis. In this way, the Conservative Party lost another of its bureaucratic quotas in the Government of President Gustavo Petro, since the protocol resignation was maintained, which days ago the president had requested from Carrillo.

It was with decree 0889 of Friday May 5 when the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit gave the green light to the resignation of the conservative militant in which, in addition, they confirmed that, after the call to find a replacement for Carillo, who directed that dependency of the Executive since March of the current year, they would leave a new official in charge.

The acceptance of Carrillo's resignation occurred after the head of state announced that he was ending the political agreements he had with the group led by Senator Efraín Cepeda, after the controversy over the health reform, which forced the presidential shakeup in which several ministers left their position and others reached new diplomatic and executive positions.

Thus, the Government announced, in that same presidential decree, that Sammy Libos Zúñiga will assume the reins, temporarily, of that entity in charge of monitoring games of chance and similar events in the national territory.

The new director of Coljuegos is the current deputy technical director of the Fiscal Policy Subdirectorate of the Ministry of Finance and will be under the leadership of Coljuegos "while the job holder is appointed and installed without detaching himself from the functions of the position he holds," he added. 

This communication is signed by the new Minister of Finance of Petro, Ricardo Bonilla, which stipulates that from the same Friday, May 5 in which it was issued, Libos will have the responsibility of leading everything related to that entity attached to the Government nationals.

Sammy Libos has been working long before with the Ministry of Finance since Alberto Carrasquilla, the controversial former minister who promoted the tax reform of the Iván Duque government, directed the portfolio. He was one of the main teammates of José Antonio Ocampo, who was in charge of that ministry, but left by decision of President Gustavo Petro.

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