Published: April 11, 2022

Governor Kay Ivey wants Alabamians to have a chance to vote on a lottery bill

Jefferson County, Ala. (WBMA) — Another legislative session has come and gone and Alabamians still don't have the ability to vote a state lottery up or down.

Governor Ivey says she'd like Alabamians to have a chance to vote, and voters say they'd like that chance too.

The last time Alabama voters voted on a lottery was in 1999. Voters rejected it.

Now in 2022, whether for or against it, many say they would at least like the chance to vote on it

"Let people vote on it and go on and do it! And go on and say what they gone do!" said voter Ricky Reed.

Reed feels the way many voters do these days.

He says he doesn't have a strong opinion for or against a lottery in Alabama, but wants to be able to vote.

Governor Ivey says she wants the same.

"I've always said I wanted the people of Alabama to have a chance to vote on it, so the legislators have to pass the bill first and go to a vote of the people," said Ivey.

Getting legislators to pass a bill seems to be the hardest part.

Reed says he'd like to see state law makers make decisions reflective of what the people want.

"It's a lot of folks that ain't doing nothing. They vote them in, but they ain't doing nothing, so I'm ready for a change," said Reed.

Over the last couple of years gambling bills have died-- Some pass the senate and not the house, some the house and not the senate.

"I think that's part of living in the bible belt. They're going to do whatever they can to keep it from being voted on because they don't want it to happen," said Chris Brasher, another Alabama voter.

Another legislative session in the books, and more time Alabamians will just have to wait.

"I think it benefits the schools and if people aren't getting the tickets here, they're getting them in Georgia or Mississippi or Tennessee or wherever, so I think it would be beneficial for us to have it," said Brasher.

Alabama is one of 5 states that doesn't have a lottery.

The others are Alaska, Hawaii, Utah, and get this, Nevada.

The state known for gambling strictly bans a lottery in their constitution.

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