Published: February 10, 2024

Amazon government contracts study to implement state lotteries

The government of Amazonas, two years ago, approved Law 5,749, authorizing state lotteries. Recently, the hiring of the company Social Solutions Tecnologia was announced, for almost R$ 28 thousand, to conduct technical studies to implement the service, with a period of 12 months.

Lotteries could increase state revenue

According to Acram Isper Junior, CEO of Companhia Amazonense de Desenvolvimento e Mobilização de Ativos (Cada), the studies aim to define the structure and services of state lotteries.

Management will be the responsibility of the State Department of Finance (Sefaz), which will conduct a public competition to grant the exploration to a company.

Thus, the main purpose of state lotteries is to generate non-tax revenue to finance social activities, with an emphasis on supporting social security.

This type of activity can be done and is provided for in the Federal Constitution. The measure aims to contribute to the economic and social development of the state.

In other words, this initiative represents an opportunity for the population to participate in regulated draws, while at the same time contributing to causes of public interest.

Transparency and legality in the management of this service are essential to guarantee citizens’ trust in the process.

Therefore, with the implementation of regional lotteries, an increase in revenues intended for social programs and infrastructure projects is expected, directly benefiting the Amazonian community.

STF authorized the operation of state and municipal lotteries in 2020

On September 30, 2020, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) unanimously determined that lottery exploitation is not something exclusive to the Union. Therefore, state and Federal District administrations can also create, expand and manage state lotteries .

At the time, the Supreme Court evaluated actions that considered the Union’s monopoly on the issue of the lottery sector based on a 1967 decree. Thus, the law vetoed the launch of new state lotteries and the increase of existing ones.

Therefore, state lotteries relied on injunctive decisions to continue operating, which created “legal uncertainty”.

According to the STF ministers, the Union has the authority to regulate and define the lottery system, but it does not have exclusivity to explore this segment.

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