Published: April 25, 2024

FDJ Reappoints Pallez as Chair & CEO, Unveils Share Buyback

La Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) held its Annual and Extraordinary Ordinary General Meeting on 25 April, where shareholders both in person or via alternative means were able to vote on recent issues related to the company. 


In the meeting, shareholders also voted to appoint a director to represent employee shareholders, David Chianese. Shareholders also reappointed four directors. These included the renewal of Stéphane Pallez’s role as Chairwoman and CEO, plus three legal directors. 

FDJ shareholders also appointed Deloitte & Associates and PricewaterhouseCoopers as auditors for the company.  


In the meeting, shareholders also approved the parent company and consolidated annual financial reports for 2023, as well as the appropriation of earnings for 2023, where the payment dividend was €1.78 ($1.91) per share, which will be payable from 7 May. 

Items of compensation were also approved from last year, with approvals also given to the company’s 2024 compensation policy. Shareholders also gave financial authorisation to the Board of Directors for various operations. 

Share buyback 

Votes were also passed on the operator's new share buyback program, which was first filed in March 2024 after a meeting on the program was agreed upon the year prior. The program was to be implemented after conditionals met those set out by the operator's 17th resolution and would see a continuation of FDJ’s liquidity agreement with Exane.  

While not mentioned in the report on the meeting, FDJ is also currently in the process of acquiring Kindred, with the offer becoming official in February. We spoke with Pallez on the matter in an exclusive interview in March.

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