Published: April 7, 2022

The Michigan Lottery is celebrating its 50th-year anniversary

Are you aware of all these fun facts about the lottery?

Michigan Lottery shares some interesting information that you may not know

The Michigan Lottery is celebrating its 50th-year anniversary, and its contributions to the community over the past decades reach far beyond the jackpots.

There are all sorts of fun facts about the lottery that you may not know, and player relations manager, Jake Harris, joined “Live In The D” co-host Tati Amare to share some of those.

Harris said the lottery started with a game called “The Green Ticket” in 1972, and has grown to offer many more games like instant scratch-offs, mobile games, draw games and more.

More games mean more chances to win, more money for Michigan schools, and more money for retailers, Harris said.

Since its inception, The Michigan Lottery has contributed $26 billion to Michigan schools, Harris said. That number includes a record contribution last year of $1.4 billion, and over the past seven years, contributions are up 78%.

The next fact that Harris gave us was that the Michigan Lottery has collected more than $5.4 billion in commissions in the past 50 years. He said retailers can earn commissions from selling tickets, cashing tickets, and even accepting credit or debit cards for transactions.

Finally, Harris said, last year, players won an average of $8.5 million each day playing lottery games.

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