Published: January 15, 2019

Kentucky Lottery sales and net income charge ahead in first six months of 2019 fiscal year

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Kentucky Lottery sales have closed the first half of the fiscal year higher than any other period in the organization’s history.

July-December sales for the lottery came in at $544.2 million. That’s a full $36.5 million (7.2%) more than the same period last year, which was the previous record-holder for the six month sales period.

Net income in turn grew at an even higher percentage. This was $147 million for the period, which is $16.5 million (12.6%) more than what was generated in the same period last year.

According to Lottery President and CEO Tom Delacenserie, the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot run has been a huge factor in the success. “We’ve nearly sold as many Mega Millions in the first six months of the fiscal year as we expected to sell for the entire year,” he said. Sales for the game in this period were $42.1 million, a whopping $24.5 million (138.8%) increase.

Delacenserie also pointed to stronger-than-anticipated scratch-off ticket sales. That category has $310.3 million in sales, up $15.5 million (5.3%) from the previous period last year. Sales of the lottery’s $20 tickets in particularly have jumped, seeing a nearly 82% sales increased from the previous year.

The Kentucky Lottery has earned over $5.3 billion for the Commonwealth since 1989.  KLC dividends pay for college scholarships, grants and education programs. Visit to find out more about grants and scholarships paid for by the KLC.

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