Published: January 13, 2019

More than 7.3 billion euros have been generated in the German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB) 16 state lottery companies in 2018



German lottery companies with more than four percent increase in revenue

Thanks to the games offered by the state lottery companies, there were 152 millionaires in 2018, most of them in North Rhine-Westphalia (27) and Bavaria (24). More text about ots and 

Koblenz (ots) - More than 7.3 billion euros have been generated in the German Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB) 16 state lottery companies in 2018. That means an increase of 4.4 percent in comparison to the year 2017. "The positive overall development shows that our product range is consistent and the product strategy as a whole is successful," sums up Jürgen Häfner, Managing Director of LOTTO Rheinland-Pfalz, the lead partner since the beginning of the year.

"With this result, the German lottery companies have once again proven that they offer an attractive and modern product portfolio, in which all people can participate, who have decided to gamble," said Häfner and adds in view of the importance of the state lottery companies for the The common good: "We are again very pleased that the taxes and duties we have paid to the respective state budgets and the beneficiaries can also support many important projects in all federal states - a sum of around 2.94 billion euros, which benefits the community in the areas of welfare, sports and culture, as well as in heritage preservation and environmental protection. "

Substantial increase in Euro Jackpot

"Especially pleasing" Häfner called the increase in the latest nationwide product Eurojackpot: "Especially three long jackpot phases have here to a gain of over 61 percent compared to the previous year," says Häfner. This makes Eurojackpot, with a total of around 1.46 billion euros, the second biggest contributor behind the classic LOTTO 6aus49.

Jürgen Häfner: "This lottery, which is still being offered in 17 other European countries apart from Germany, is very important to us, and it also transfers European thought into the world of gambling, which is also of great socio-political significance in this day and age Meaning."

LOTTO 6aus49 despite slight losses, the biggest contributor

Thanks to LOTTO 6aus49, the companies of DLTB have again reached the most participants in 2018. With just under 3.5 billion euros and almost 50 percent of the total stake, the classic is once again the most popular lottery in Germany, even if compared to the previous year, a decline of just over six percent has been recorded against the general trend.

"We have been observing and analyzing the development at LOTTO 6aus49 for many years now and will take countermeasures with appropriate measures," explains Managing Director Häfner. Especially in the online and mobile sector, the potential is not yet exhausted, especially in younger game enthusiasts.

Every day 8 million euros for the common good

Last year, the 16 lottery companies were a great support to the common good. More than 2.94 billion euros (about 40 percent of stake stakes) were paid in the form of taxes and duties to the respective state budget or the beneficiaries. Jürgen Häfner predicts: "That's more than 8 million euros for the common good nationwide without this money would be many projects in the areas of welfare, sports and culture and in the preservation of monuments and environmental protection in Germany can not afford his."

According to Häfner, the balance of the year proves once again that the state lottery system in Germany is a model for the future: "Thanks to its seriousness and innovation, this model successfully complies with its charitable vision for the benefit of society as a whole."

Structural significance of the receiving agencies

The lottery companies also fulfill an important structural task. "We have a dense network of around 21,500 LOTTO points of sale throughout Germany, and this network is and will remain the mainstay of our offering," says Jürgen Häfner. For after all, about 90 percent of the game business is done in the collection points. Häfner: "This is especially important because, among other things, we also help to support rural areas there."

Significant increase in online stakes

But also the internet portal as well as the regional homepages of the state lottery companies, where you can conveniently and safely hand in your tips for most of the game offers online, enjoyed an increasing number of users and game orders. In 2018, around 583 million euros of stakes were generated via this route. That is an increase of around 26.6 percent compared to the previous year. As a result, the Internet share of total deployment nationwide increased to around 7.9 percent.

152 new millionaires in Germany

The biggest winners in the past year were once again the many players. 963 game orders achieved a profit of 100,000 euros and higher in 2018. 152 Tipper have become Millionaire with a direct hit.

Interesting in this context is also a look at the distribution of the millions of profits over the country. The first two places occupy the most populous federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia (27 new millionaires) and Bavaria (24). Lower Saxony is ranked third with 22 millionaires, followed by Baden-Württemberg (21), Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate (11 each).

Two Euro Jackpot players from Hessen and Saxony-Anhalt were delighted with the biggest win of the past year, each winning around 45 million Euros. The highest win in the LOTTO 6aus49 was secured by another player from Hesse with over 29 million euros. The ranking of top wins completed a tipper from Lower Saxony with 8.3 million euros in Game 77.

The LOTTO numbers of the year

The hit list of the most frequently drawn numbers in the LOTTO 6aus49 led in 2018 to the 3, which was drawn 22 times from the draw drum. In the other places follow the 31 and the 6th The number that has been drawn least since the first draw in 1955 to the present day, is still just the number that was determined in the first draw first: the 13th ,

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