Published: June 26, 2018

SPAIN: SELAE website exceeds one million registered users

Madrid, June 25, 2018 - The official website of Lotteries and State Betting,, reached one million registered users this June 21. This milestone occurred in the same week in which the page celebrates the tenth anniversary of its release.

At the time of its opening with the current format (in 2008) the website had 4,254 users and year after year it has maintained a constant growth both in the number of users and in the amount invoiced annually. Without going any further, last year exceeded 136 million euros of turnover, increasing 17% over the previous year.

During these ten years, in addition to the evolution in the design or the information provided, the web has been incorporating new features in order to be more intuitive and accessible to the user. In June 2015, the National Lottery was added to the portfolio of games available for sale at, in response to the growing demand from customers to participate in the game through the web.

Also, in 2015 the official app of the company was launched, which allows registered users on the web to participate through their mobile devices.

Among the most visited websites in Spain

In these ten years, has also been among the most visited websites in our country. This is certified by the General Media Study (EGM), which in the third wave of 2017 noted that the Loterías website is the fifth most visited website in Spain, with 2,391,000 unique visitors every month. Regarding e-commerce websites, the official Loterías website is in the 9th position in Spain, with more than 130 million visits in 2017. In relation to the international market, has been maintained for a few years in the world's top 15 and is the 3rd European lottery website in number of visits, only behind the Lotteries of countries such as Japan, Russia or Vietnam, with populations much higher than the Spanish.

Finally, the Lotteries portal has added different recognitions such as the eAwards award to the best online gaming website or the best website recognition of the year in the Government category.

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