Published: April 10, 2018

Arizona Lottery Achieves Record-Setting Sales in March


Arizona Lottery Achieves Record-Setting Sales in March

More Than $100 Million Sold in Products; 
Nearly 20 Percent Year over Year Increase

 PHOENIX (April 9, 2018) – The Arizona Lottery closed its most successful March in history achieving more than $100 million in revenue.

 The impressive sales numbers resulted in a 19.6 percent increase from the prior fiscal year, exceeding initial projections by 17.5 percent. This historic achievement is a direct result of a variety of successful instant product launches in fiscal year 2018 including the newly launched Fast Play game, as well as the high-rolling jackpots on both Powerball and Mega Millions draw games. 

Not only do these notable sales numbers impact the Arizona Lottery, they also make a significant impact for Lottery retailers’ bottom line. Since inception, Arizona Lottery sales have generated more than $899 million in commissions for Lottery retailers. 

“We are the number one retailer in the state and we wouldn’t be around if we didn’t sell Arizona Lottery products,” Amanda Sherman of Beaver Dam Station, said. “Our sales during the weekends are just amazing, and we have a hard time keeping our Lottery machines full because so many customers come through. We love our Lottery customers and we are proud to be an Arizona Lottery retailer.”

 Whether bringing innovative new play opportunities to market or creating local Arizona games, the Arizona Lottery is dedicated to meeting the demands of its diverse player base, and it has proven successful. Throughout fiscal year 2018 Arizona Lottery sales have not dipped below $68 million. Additionally, the Arizona Lottery is on track to set historic sales records by end of June.

 With record sales, the Arizona Lottery is also able to generate historic transfers back to the state of Arizona. These vital transfers support the state’s foster children; the construction of university facilities to assist our future leaders; provide a healthy start for newborns and their mothers; protect Arizona’s beautiful landscapes and at-risk species, and much more.

 Arizona merchants who are interested in becoming Lottery retailers can contact 480-921-4486 or visit for more information. 


 About the Arizona Lottery 

Since 1981, the Arizona Lottery and its retail partners have generated more than $3.9 billion in net funding in support of programs that help to improve the quality of life for the people of Arizona. Proceeds from Lottery ticket sales — nearly $4 million per week – fund programs in education, economic development, environmental conservation and health and human services. The mission is to support Arizona programs for the public benefit by maximizing net revenue in a responsible manner. Learn more

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