Published: April 10, 2018

Taiwan Lottery to roll out new game with NT$15 million top prize

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan Lottery announced that a new game with a top prize of NT$15 million (US$510,300) will be launched on April 23, according to a report by CNA

Titled "Lottery Double Win," the game features players choosing 12 out of 24 numbers at a cost of NT$50 per bet. What makes the game unusually fun is that individuals whose numbers match either "all" or "none" of the computer-generated numbers will hit the jackpot with a cash prize of NT$15 million.  

The maximum payout is NT$15 million, so in cases where there are three or more winners, they will have to split the total prize amount of NT$45 million (US$1.5 million).  

The drawing for "Lottery Double Win," the 11th computer-drawn game of Taiwan Lottery, takes place every day except for Sunday.

According to an official from Taiwan Lottery, the design of the "Lottery Double Win" is similar to that of "Lotto 539," which also costs NT$50 per ticket and picks winners every day from Monday through Saturday. However, with twice the amount of the top prize and the minimum prize payout of NT$100, the new game is expected to attract new customers.

Taiwan Lottery estimates that the odds of winning the "Lottery Double Win" jackpot is roughly one in 1.35 million, meaning that winners are likely to emerge when ticket sales exceed NT$67 million (US$2.28 million).

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