• Turnover 3 230.9 million. EUR
  • Result of EUR 1 021.3 million. EUR 1 273.8 million for the financial return to society. EUR
  • The new webshop of the betting shop was launched. All games were merged with one game account.
  • Veikkaus has over 2 million customers.
  • Thrilling games and amusement games were popular with customers.
  • 58% of the sales net sales, 42% of the digital channels.

The result of the new Veikkaus exceeded the amount allocated to the recipients of subsidies entered in the state budget of 2017, amounting to EUR 1 003.5 million. EUR.

"Despite the challenges of integration, the first year of the new Veikkaus was good, and we were able to provide our grant recipients with planned returns, " says Managing Director Olli Sarekoski .

The share of gambling recognizes the share of all gaming games increased to 40.6% (+1.6 percentage points), and its addition is one of Veikkaus' key strategic goals.

"Through recognizable gaming, we are able to provide our customers with more responsible gaming management tools. Last year, we renewed the Veikkaus card, which enables us to recognize gaming with slot machines, says Sarekoski

In 2017, international gaming management tools, including unique online gaming management tools, came into play, and two new customer support programs for the two million customers were added to support new responsible gaming features. In addition, Veikkaus made a decision on a strategic project aimed at identifying as widely as possible with distributed gaming machines from 1.1.2023.

The total market for gambling in Finland during the review year was estimated at approximately EUR 1,978 million, EUR. Growth on the previous year was 1%. Veikkaus accounted for about 90% of the total market. Competition is particularly concerned with digital gaming where foreign gaming companies also operate.

Playing more and more into digital channels

One of the most significant achievements of the year was the launch of the new e-commerce betting shop and the combination of old gaming accounts. Veikkaus.fi's online services deal with an average of 525,000 buyers per week and a total of 1.3 million customers a year. Mobile gaming is increasingly popular, and at the end of the year, 44% of digital sales came through mobile devices.

In the year under review, gaming groups favored customers especially in thrill games and amateur games. The most popular among these were the fixed-stakes betting games, Table Games and Digital Slot Games. Especially the launch of the Golden Jaska 2 slot machine was successful in both slot machines and veikkaus.fi. Also, the popularity of the new All or No Game of Dreams games exceeded expectations.

Economic returns for society

In the year under review, Veikkaus' direct economic return to society can be reduced by a total of EUR 1,273.8 million. EUR. The company received EUR 537.8 million from the Ministry of Education and Culture. EUR 436.3 million to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health EUR 40.6 million for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. EUR. In addition, the company paid the state a lottery tax of EUR 212.8 million. EUR 46.3 million and a loss-making cost-effective value added tax of EUR 46.3 million. EUR.

Veikkaus Annual Report 2017

Corporate Governance 2017