Published: January 28, 2018

New Jersey Lottery net funds transferred to Education increase

New Jersey Lottery Ticket Sales Drop for First Time in Seven Years

But net funds transferred to Education increase


Despite lottery games hitting record jackpots in 2017, new reports show that New Jersey Lottery ticket sales were down for the first time in seven years.

According to recent reports, the lottery sold an estimated $3.1 billion in tickets during the fiscal year of 2017, which is more than a $100 million drop from 2016.

Sales fell $30 million short of budget projections last year, and officials have not said why sales have dropped.

But despite the drop in ticket sales, the lottery contributed more money than it had in 2016 to education and social service programs.

Beginning this fiscal year, lottery revenue will be redirected to the public employee pension fund as per a law signed last year by former Governor Chris Christie.

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