Published: July 4, 2024

Spain: The 150th anniversary of the Port Authority of Malaga is the focus of the National Lottery ticket on July 11

Madrid, July 3, 2024 – The president of State Lotteries and Betting, Jesús Huerta, and the president of the Port Authority of Malaga, Carlos Rubio, presented this morning the National Lottery ticket for Thursday, July 11, dedicated to the 150th anniversary (1874-2024) of the creation of the Malaga Port Board, predecessor of the current Port Authority.

As part of its commitment to society, Loterías wants to join in on this event, which – with the motto “From one port, one city” – highlights the importance that the Port of Malaga has had and continues to have in the economic and social development of the capital of Malaga and its area of ​​influence. For this reason, the ticket is illustrated with the logo of this commemoration, which represents the different docks and quays of the Port of Malaga.

With the issuance of this ticket, Loterías, as a public company, consolidates its commitment to the institutions and entities that form part of the State and that promote socio-economic progress. In this case, it highlights both the 150th anniversary of the Port Authority of Malaga, as well as its role in promoting and encouraging sustained economic growth over time and with a projection into the future, as is the case of the Port of Malaga.

A little history

On May 18, 1874, the first Board of the Port of Malaga was created, which was the antecedent of what we know today as the Port Authority. In 2024, therefore, the 150th anniversary of its constitution is commemorated, which was ordered by Governor Pedro de Torres and inspired by the Barcelona model.


To this end, the public body has prepared various professional, cultural and social events in order to share this celebration with the port community and citizens. More complete information on the entire programme can be obtained at This space will be used to update the activities and events dedicated to the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Port Authority, including the one mentioned in today's presentation.

For the National Lottery draw on 11 July, a total of 6 million tickets have been put on sale at Loterías' sales outlets, which will allow the 150th anniversary of the Port Authority of Malaga to be known throughout Spain. This draw will distribute 12.6 million euros in prizes, including a first prize of 300,000 euros per series and a second prize of 60,000 euros per series.

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