Published: June 1, 2024

SPAIN: SELAE: Lotteries and Red Cross celebrate 100 years of collaboration helping people in vulnerable situations

Surviving the latest drawings, the grand prizes for the two popular lottery games continue to grow


  • This year the motto of the Extraordinary “Red Cross” Raffle, which will distribute a total of 105 million euros in prizes, is “100 years of no loneliness, 100 years of being where it belongs.” 

  • The joint work of both entities, which began in 1924, currently serves older people, women victims of gender violence, people in extremely vulnerable situations, etc. >

Madrid, May 28, 2024 - The president of State Lotteries and Betting, Jesús Huerta, and the president of the Red Cross, María del Mar Pageo, have presented today the Extraordinary “Red Cross” Draw of the National Lottery, which will be held this Saturday, June 1, in Madrid.

The presidents of both entities have recalled the importance of this alliance, which is celebrating its centenary under the motto “100 years of no loneliness, 100 years of being where it belongs.” An alliance that represents a valuable contribution to reaching the nearly 3 million people that the Spanish Red Cross served last year in our country, of which 1 million were served thanks to the collaboration of Lotteries.

Loterías also collaborates with the Red Cross in emergency situations, as has happened in recent years with the COVID-19 pandemic, the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma or the arrival of thousands of people displaced as a result of the war in Ukraine. .

The president of Loterías, Jesús Huerta, highlighted that “the common path that we have walked together hand in hand since 1924 has allowed us to contribute our grain of sand so that citizens can progress with equal opportunities.” Furthermore, he stressed that the importance of this alliance lies in the fact that “we develop our activity with concrete programs that reach citizens and really help them.” “Each and every one of the people we have accompanied throughout these 100 years gives meaning to this collaboration and is the reason to continue working for a more just and equal society,” he concluded.

Lotteries For her part, the president of the Red Cross, María del Mar Pageo Giménez, declared: “The true value of this collaboration lies in its ability to transform lives. The strength of this mutual commitment to society has mobilized us for the last 100 years and will continue to be the driving force of our relationship for the next 100 years to come.”

Lotteries The traditional Draw, which has been carried out uninterruptedly since 1924, will distribute a total of 105 million euros in prizes. These include a first prize of 1,500,000 euros per series, a second prize of 300,000 euros per series and a third prize of 150,000 euros per series, in addition to 12 prizes of 75,000 euros per series.

At the end of the press conference, both presidents presented the tenth of this Draw, which is illustrated with a photograph of two Red Cross volunteers, along with the text “Spanish Red Cross. 160 years of Humanity”, in reference to the time that the organization – created in 1864 – has been developing its work in our country.

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