Published: May 28, 2024

Eurojackpot celebrates anniversary - 750th draw on May 28th

750th draw on May 28th

4,451 players have already won at least six-figure amounts in the Eurojackpot. But how many more lucky people will be added on Tuesday (May 28)? A jackpot of around 96 million euros awaits in the 750th draw.

Overview of millionaires and big winners

In the 749 draws so far, there have been 4,451 punters with high winnings in the six- to nine-figure range. Of these, 525 winners alone are millionaires. That's an average of just under six players with at least six-figure winnings per draw.

Germany at the top

Germany does particularly well in the high-win balance. Almost half of all high wins - 2,212 to be exact - were in the 16 federal states, 290 of which were millions. North Rhine-Westphalia leads the nationwide hit list of million-dollar hits with 64. Baden-Württemberg (51) and Bavaria (40) follow in the next places. In a European comparison, Finland (56) and Denmark (36) are in second and third place after Germany.

Five times 120 million euros

In the first ten years of the lottery, the jackpot was limited to 90 million euros. Since March 2022, the jackpot can grow to the maximum amount of 120 million euros. This has happened five times so far: four individual winners in Denmark (July 2022), Berlin (November 2022), Schleswig-Holstein (June 2023) and Norway (January 2024) were able to enjoy this impressive win. Most recently, in April 2024, two punters from North Rhine-Westphalia and Slovenia shared the 120 million Eurojackpot.

130 jackpot phases

In the 749 draws to date, there have been 130 completed jackpot phases. The 131st is currently running. But in which draw of a jackpot phase was the jackpot won most often? The probability of winning is of course the same in every draw and is 1:140 million.

The following overview shows in which draws the 130 jackpots have been won so far: 20 times the jackpot was won in the first draw. The longest jackpot periods lasted twice for 17 draws.




Outlook on the 750th draw

The winnings from the most recent drawing on Friday (24 May) also contributed to the Eurojackpot balance. Although prize category 1 was not won in the 9th drawing of the current jackpot period, five players still have reason to celebrate with a win of 861,717.80 euros. The winnings in second place will be paid out in North Rhine-Westphalia, Denmark (2x), Slovenia and Poland.

In the anniversary drawing on Tuesday (May 28th), the jackpot in the first prize category is around 96 million euros (chance 1:140 million). Further information is available at all lottery outlets or at .

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