Published: April 17, 2024

WLA, NASPL, CIBELAE, APLA and ALA met last week to discuss the important role of lotteries and how to continue collaboration among the associations

WLA:  Rebecca Paul (president); Lynne Roiter (general secretary) and Luca Esposito (executive director)
NASPL:   Cindy Polzin (president); David Gale (executive director), and Andrew White (regional director).
CIBELAE:   Javier Milián (president) and Rodrigo Cigliutti (executive director).
EL:   Romana Girandon (president) and Arjan Van't Veer (executive director).
APLA:    Sue Van der Merwe (president) and John Teo (chief executive officer).
ALA:    Younés El Mechrafi (general secretary). 

On April 12, an important work meeting organized by the World Lottery Association (WLA) was held in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. The meeting brought together the leaders of the five regional lottery associations: North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL), the Corporación Iberoamericana de Loterías y Apuestas de Estado (CIBELAE), European Lotteries (EL), Association des Lotteries d' Afrique (ALA) and Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA), with the aim of discussing topics of common interest and establishing collaboration strategies.

Featured participants

The meeting was attended by WLA President Rebecca Paul ; the executive director, Luca Esposito ; the general secretary, Lynne Roiter ; together with representatives of regional associations:

  • NASPL: Cindy Polzin (President), David Gale (CEO), and Andrew White (Regional Director).
  • CIBELAE: Javier Milián (president) and Rodrigo Cigliutti (executive director).
  • EL: Romana Girandon (president) and Arjan Van't Veer (executive director).
  • APLA: Sue Van der Merwe (president) and John Teo (chief executive officer).
  • ALA: Younés El Mechrafi (general secretary).

Presentation of action plans and joint work proposals

During the meeting, the regional associations had the opportunity to present the most relevant aspects of their respective action plans. In the case of CIBELAE, the presentation was given by the executive director, Rodrigo Cigliutti.

Next, various proposals for joint work were addressed, among which the following stood out:

  • Creation of a global compendium of lotteries: it was proposed to create a compendium that includes detailed information on all lotteries in the world, both those that are part of the WLA and those that are not. This initiative seeks to centralize and facilitate access to relevant information about the industry.
  • Development of a single Responsible Gaming certification framework: it was agreed to work on the creation of a single Responsible Gaming certification framework, based on the existing frameworks of the WLA, EL and NASPL. The objective is to establish uniform standards to promote responsible practices in the sector.
  • Combating Illegal Gambling: the problem of illegal gambling was raised as a common challenge for all regions. It was established to carry out an exhaustive study on the operating modalities of illegal gambling at a global level, in order to develop joint strategies to combat it effectively.

Next steps

The participating associations agreed to continue working together to advance the aforementioned proposals. A new meeting was established within the framework of the WLA World Lottery Summit to be held in the city of Paris in October of this year.

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