Published: April 14, 2024

BRAZIL - CAIXA launches new tickets prints and names for the Loteria Federal

Loterias CAIXA started selling tickets with new prints and new names for the Loteria Federal. Wednesday extractions are now called “Quartou!” and the Milionária Federal is now “Enricou!” Players can now purchase new tickets at any lottery in the country.

In addition to the new prints, each type of ticket has an illustration and has the prize values, the draw date and the extraction number printed in a standardized way. Another new feature is the QR Code, which directs the player to the Loteria Federal results page on the CAIXA website. The Loteria Federal with extraction on Saturdays remains with the current print pattern.

The new ticket models give more visibility to the total prizes offered and not just the main prize. Furthermore, the product provides information on the probability of winning in a stamp format: “For every 5 tickets, 1 winner”, a simple and direct way of informing the player that the Loteria Federal is the modality that distributes the most prizes.

With a draw always held on Wednesdays, Quartou! offers prizes worth R$500,000 (US$ 103,000) in a single series. The entire ticket is made up of 10 fractions and costs R$40 (US$ 8.20). Each ticket fraction costs R$4 (US$ 0.80).

‘Enricou!’ extraction takes place once a month and has a prize of R$1,350,000 (US$ 275,000). Each entire ticket, made up of 10 fractions, costs R$100 (US$ 20,50). Ticket fractions are also sold separately and cost R$10 each (US$ 2,05). The value of the prize is proportional to the number of fractions purchased.

How to bet

To bet on Loteria Federal, simply choose the desired ticket at the lottery or purchase it from an accredited lottery vendor. The bettor chooses the number printed on the ticket he wants to compete for, depending on availability at the time of purchase.

Each ticket contains 10 fractions and can be purchased whole or in parts. The value of the prize is proportional to the number of fractions purchased. For every five tickets, one is a winner. The bettor can win by getting:

  • One of the five numbers drawn for the main prizes;
  • The thousand, hundred and ten of any of the numbers drawn in the five main prizes;
  • Tickets whose numbers correspond to the closest match immediately before and after the number drawn for the 1st prize;
  • Tickets whose numbers contain the final ten identical to one of the three previous tens or the three tens following the ten of the number drawn for the 1st prize, except for those awarded by the previous and subsequent approximation;
  • The first prize unit.

Source: Notícias CAIXA


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