Published: October 9, 2023

Lottery of El Salvador: a year of outstanding achievements -with record sales in its LOTRA and LOTÍN products

The  National Charity Lottery of El Salvador (LNB)  shared a report that reviews the institutional and commercial milestones so far in 2023, with record sales in its LOTRA and LOTÍN products, and anticipates that they plan to close the year with USD 44 million in sales, which will increase the number of people benefited through the flagship program “Together We Do Charity.”

Through this program, the institution has generated its largest investment, with more than USD 1.2 billion destined to benefit more than 100,000 Salvadorans and ticket agents so far in 2023. These investments were carried out through medical brigades of general and ophthalmological consultation, deliveries of food packages, wheelchairs, sports supplies and materials for the recovery of spaces, in other charitable actions, with more than 170 active charity days planned for this year.

“The dynamism, responsibility and exponential growth that the evolution of our sector entails challenges us and drives us to continue working on the continuous improvement of our processes, especially by certifying ourselves to achieve quality levels aimed at generating efficient and optimal operation,” the LNB said in a statement.

Along these lines, the entity highlighted its commitment and actions to protect players and recalled the obtaining of  Level II certification  by the World Lottery Association (WLA), linked to the promotion of safe gaming.

Responsible gaming

Javier Milián, president of the National Charity Lottery of El Salvador (LNB) and the Ibero-American State Lottery Corporation (CIBELAE), stressed that CIBELAE proclaims the importance of member lotteries not only increasing their sales, but also facilitating responsible gaming by applying the “7 Principles” of the World Lottery Association (WLA). 

“At LNB we have the mission of promoting a culture of responsible gaming, reaffirming our commitment to changing the lives of Salvadorans. These achievements strengthen the development of our institution, to continue working to build a more prosperous, dignified future that provides social well-being,” said Milián.

“We will continue our work with much more impetus, protecting the interests of our clients and vulnerable groups. In addition, we will continue to implement charitable actions to positively impact and change the lives of many more Salvadorans, and of course, aiming to continue certifying our institution,” he added.

Support for sport

This type of contribution has been one of the commitments made by the LNB, which became the official sponsor of the “XXIV Central American and Caribbean Sports Games, San Salvador 2023”, held in the country between June 23 and July, “a celebration of sportsmanship, excellence and unity among participating countries, which brought together outstanding world-class athletes.”

Furthermore, within the framework of these games, the entity managed the participation of Cristóbal Soria, one of the most recognized Spanish sports commentators worldwide, who was an important part of the dissemination of the Games to the world.

“The Games were a resounding success and marked a before and after in Central American sport, making El Salvador a benchmark in the execution of this type of events, which promote sport and family coexistence of the population,” they stated from the LNB. .

“These achievements have been thanks to the collaborative work in the management of President Javier Milián,” they added from the institution and recalled that he is the youngest president of CIBELAE and that he has led “the successful implementation of various policies for the modernization of the lotteries of Ibero-America, establishing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a transversal axis of its management in its biannual work plan.”

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