Published: October 9, 2023

CAIXA Lotteries celebrated 61 years with new 'Lucky Space' -New ambience encourages collective use of spaces

New ambience offers experiences and encourages collective use of spaces

CAIXA Lotteries turns 61 Friday September (15). As part of the celebration, the Espaço da Sorte, where the lottery draws are held, receives a new ambiance, becoming even more accessible to all Brazilians. Everything was planned to offer a welcoming experience and encourage people to visit the place, both on a daily basis and during draw times.

The remodeled spaces gained new names: Millions Room, which is where the draws take place; Quintal dos Sonhos, where anyone can relax or just dream about the big Lottery prize; and the Coworking Space , which can be used as a work and living area.

 Backyard of Dreams in Espaço da Sorte

Accessible for people with disabilities, the external part of the space focuses on the Avenida Paulista public, offering various activities on the themes of sport, culture, music and arts. Internally, it offers a collaborative or co-existing place to work.

 “The Espaço da Sorte on Avenida Paulista was opened in 2021 and gave even more visibility and transparency to the draw process, providing more interactivity with the public. Now, the idea is that Brazilians feel welcomed by this place and start visiting it more”, comments the president of CAIXA, Maria Rita Serrano, who will visit the new facilities accompanied by the vice-president of the Operating Agent, Lucíola Aor Vasconcelos.

“In addition to working on the dream of changing lives individually, we, in practice, change people's lives with the Lotteries because part of the resources collected from the lotteries are invested in the country”, added Serrano.

During the visit, the artist Odrus will personalize barrels using graffiti . Odrus is one of the artists who make up the “20 Extraordinary Years” Exhibition, on display in the seven spaces of CAIXA Cultural.

It will also be possible to exclusively check out Caixa Hollo, an environment with virtual representations of Paralympic athletes, where the public can interact with the holographs and learn about the athletes' inspiring stories. The attraction will be available from September 15th to 22nd.

Exhibition “20 Extraordinary Years”

Between the 15th and 29th of September, Espaço da Sorte will feature some pieces from the “20 Extraordinary Years” exhibition, on display throughout the country by CAIXA Cultural, which celebrates 20 years of CAIXA Lottery sponsorship of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee. 

CAIXA Lotteries 61 years:

Since the draw for extraction number 1 of the traditional Federal Lottery of tickets, which took place on September 15, 1962, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the CAIXA Lotteries have invested in actions for the social development of Brazil, their primary role. CAIXA Lotteries transfer around half of the revenue from games to priority areas of the Federal Government, such as education, sports, health, culture, security and social security.

Over time, CAIXA Lotteries have also innovated in making the most varied games available to the Brazilian population. Currently, it has 11 modalities in its portfolio – Mega-Sena, Lotofácil, Quina, Dupla Sena, Lotomania, Timemania, Loteca, Dia de Sorte, Super Sete, +Milionária and the traditional Federal Lottery. Bets can be placed on the network of lottery partners across the country, on the  Loterias CAIXA portal and on the Loterias CAIXA app.

CAIXA Lotteries also stand out for their commitment to practicing Responsible Gaming and complying with the safety rules and procedures followed by lotteries in 80 countries. The Responsible Gaming program, for example, follows the best international practices on the subject proposed by the WLA ( World Lottery Association) and is adopted by lottery, gaming and betting administrators around the world, with the aim of establishing a healthy relationship between players and lottery products.

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