Published: October 9, 2023

Bulgarian Sports Totalizator jackpots in numbers games will become even more intriguing

In 2023, Bulgarian Sports Totalizator (DP BST) has turned 66 years since its foundation - a history that is filled with many traditions, changes and innovations.
Traditions are the founding principle of DP BST, because all our decisions absolutely always aim to benefit the sport and culture of Bulgaria. DP BST will forever remain as the first organization of a similar nature, which directs its efforts only and solely to supporting native talents in these directions, helping them to reach the heights they aspire to; to realize the records they dream of; to fulfill their innermost professional dreams.
However, these 66 years would look completely different if it were not for the generations of Bulgarians who are interested in the numerical and instant lottery games of the DP BST.
We realize that supporting causes related to Bulgarian sports and culture is an extremely exciting process, but the charge would run out much faster if the games did not offer such a variety of earning opportunities.
9 - this is the number of main number games at the moment, and this number does not include "Second Chance Toto on 6/49" and "Second Chance Toto on 5/35". Over the years, all of them have been accompanied by a number of additional activities, promotional campaigns such as "Toto Club" and "Profits Plus" have also appeared.
At Bulgarian Sports Totalizator, we try to maintain your interest in these games in a variety of ways - and for us, the fact that there are currently 129 lotto millionaires is a real proof that our efforts are in the right direction.
Since the beginning of the year alone, there have been 3 wins crossing the MILLION mark in three different games. The total value of the winnings realized in all games of "TOTO 2" and "TOTO 1", in the period from 01.01.2023 - 31.08.2023, is over BGN 61,600,000.
We are really proud that we have managed to make so many Bulgarians happy - our motivation grows with each win, with each shared joy of what has been achieved.
As is known, the starting jackpot in one of the most popular games - TOTO 2 – 6/49 - is BGN 2,000,000. This means that even if the accumulated amount is won in a given draw, participants have another chance to become lotto millionaires in the next draw, and in just a few days.
However, there are some differences with TOTO 2 – 6/42. It was held for the first time in 1995, and it wasn't until 2016 that a starting jackpot of BGN 200,000 was introduced.
But from the 79th edition, the game takes a new important step in its development: a NEW starting jackpot of BGN 300,000 is introduced. From Bulgarian Sports Totalizator we see huge potential in this game as well, that's why we think that the great interest in it should be properly encouraged. However, precisely TOTO 2 - 6/42 brought the sum of BGN 2,175,792 to a lucky person from Svoge at the beginning of August and turned him into the 129th toto millionaire
Another important indicator is the deadlines for the accumulation of jackpots - from DP BST we note good results in this regard. As an example of this, it can be stated that the remarkable amount of TOTO 2 - 6/49 in the amount of BGN 8,465,540 was won in Smolyan a few days before Easter.
Just a few months later, the estimated jackpot in TOTO 2 – 6/49 for the 74th draw again reaches the attractive 9,200,000 BGN.
In an effort to improve these results, as of the 79th draw, betting adjustments are occurring for some of the number games.
 For TOTO 2 - 6/49, the minimum bet becomes BGN 1.40 in regular draws; for the game TOTO 2 - 6/42 the minimum bet will now be BGN 1.10, and in the game TOTO 2 - 5 of 35 the minimum bet will be BGN 1.00. The minimum bet for the "Toto Joker" game will also undergo a slight adjustment, which will become BGN 0.40.
The changes will have a positive effect on increasing profits, will contribute to a greater growth of jackpots and, accordingly, will increase the deductions for Bulgarian sports and culture.
In the games "TOTO Birthday", "TOTO 2 - Zodiac" and "TOTO 1" the price of a combination does not change.
As the only gambling operator on the territory of Bulgaria, which is a full member of the World Lottery Organization and the European Lottery Association, DP BST meets the requirements of the European Responsible Gaming Standards. It is the commitment of Bulgarian Sports Totalizator to communicate clearly and transparently any change in the rules of the games, involving all departments and directorates in this process. The staff in the lotto points and the partner network will continue to provide information on the amount of bets before they are confirmed, and the online system will be updated according to the new prices, with all the mechanisms that give an indication of the value of the bet in order to make it easier in advance budgeting, are retained.
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