Published: October 9, 2023

LOTTO Bremen - changes to LOTTO 6AUS49 from November 1

The players of LOTTO 6aus49 will have even more reason to be happy in the future: the jackpot of Germany's most popular lottery may increase to up to €50 million in the future.

In principle, the current system remains that the jackpot is capped in size in accordance with the State Treaty on Gambling 2021 (GlüStV 2021) and cannot increase above the prescribed maximum limit.

In addition to the increased maximum jackpot, another change will come into effect at LOTTO 6aus49 for the drawing on Wednesday, November 1st, 2023: If prize category 1 is not filled when the maximum jackpot is reached, the maximum winning amount will remain in the jackpot for as long as until at least one game participant has correctly guessed the six winning numbers plus the super number.

The luck character of the game is further strengthened by the fact that the maximum jackpot can only be won with six correct numbers plus the super number. In addition, in the future, all distribution amounts that exceed the maximum winning amount will remain in the 1st prize category. These will be used as an additional amount in the 1st prize category in the first draw after winning the maximum jackpot. After the maximum jackpot has been won, the next jackpot phase starts with the distribution of winnings from the stakes plus the contribution amount - i.e. an already higher jackpot in the 1st prize category.

There will also be similar changes for the additional lottery Game 77, which is most often played in conjunction with LOTTO 6aus49, with the drawing on Wednesday, November 1, 2023. The jackpot for game 77 can increase in the future to a maximum statutory limit of €10 million. The regulations for the distribution of the maximum jackpot will also be aligned with the innovations of LOTTO 6aus49.

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