Published: October 8, 2023

The Romanian Lottery has a new visual identity


Loteria Română has a new visual identity that it is launching on the anniversary of its 117 years of activity and tradition, to mark the new stage of modernization and digitization in which one of the most famous Romanian brands is located.


The new visual identity of the Romanian Lottery is built around the slogan LUCK FOR ALL ROMANIANS. The Romanian Lottery belongs to all Romanians, a modern European-level lottery.

The new logo includes elements that integrate perfectly into the new concept, it respects the symbolism of the colors that define both the feeling of national identity, red, yellow and blue, as well as the lottery-specific green.

The four-leaf clover, the traditional symbol of luck, the lottery balls, the moment most awaited by players, as well as the dose of hope and optimism, is metamorphosed into a new visual identity of the company.

” The new visual identity defines our mission for now and for the future. The company's identity remains closely linked to the values ​​of Romanian society, which we respect and value. The fundamental change through the modernization of all the means that make our lives more beautiful and easier is also for the Romanian Lottery a continuous challenge that we respond to every day thanks to the trust of past and future generations. "- Ionuț-Valeriu Andrei , General Director of CN "Loteria Română" SA

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