Published: August 6, 2023

New EuroDreams Lottery Set for November Launch

One of the biggest lottery game launches in the past 20 years is happening this November.

Inspired by other lotteries such as Grand Vie (Canada), Set for Life (Australia and the UK), and Cash4Life (the US), EuroDreams is an annuity lottery—meaning winners get a certain amount of money monthly or annually over a long period of time. This game is aimed at young players with ages between 18-35 who aspire to become financially independent. EuroDreams will be launched by all the countries which are part of the EuroMillions community. But how will it work?

At the moment, it is too early to announce the complete rules of the game. Final details are still to be refined, however we do have some information which, of course, could be subject to change. It seems like the draws will happen twice a week, on Monday and Thursday evenings, and the first draw will be on Monday, 6th November. 

The price of a ticket is expected to be €2.50, equaling the EuroMillions rate. The jackpot will be spread out over a long time - perhaps as much as £20,000 per month for 30 years. The second prize is anticipated to be £2,000 per month for a period of five years. There are expected to be multiple prize categories in total. 

The best part? The chances of winning at least the reimbursement of the ticket would be 1 in 4, which is much more advantageous than the EuroMillions’ (1 chance in 12).

If you are intrigued by this new lottery and want a chance to take part when it launches, make sure you check out our EuroDreams page in the upcoming months for more information and options to purchase tickets for the first draw ever in November.

Meanwhile, you can still enter the EuroMillions lottery, which will continue to offer huge jackpots every Tuesday and Friday night.

Written by Bianca-Andreea Pârvu

Published: Mon, 31 July 2023 - 12:16pm
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Good Causes and Distribution of Revenue

A significant portion of the proceeds from EuroMillions goes to good causes. Wherever you buy your ticket, the relevant national lottery operator will give some of that EuroMillions money to charity. The distribution of revenue is different in each country, but all the lotteries are committed to supporting worthy projects.

The biggest share of the revenue goes to the prize pot, with the earnings from ticket sales used to fund the millions of winners in every draw and help to build up the jackpot. Money may also be set aside for operating costs, retailer commissions or duty on the income from ticket sales.

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